Püksata mees, sarvita härg et en

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It all started in 80-ties, when I started working for a fashion studio as tailor 
for men. After some experiments in my own and my family wardrobe I found myself more and more in situation, having coffee with a friend who was holding fashion magazine in her hand.
By the end of the decade my living room looked like barbershop waiting room.
Who was there for a try-on, who was there with a new thoughts and needs.
In the first half of 90-ties, for the sake of the family-peace, I closed my 
home-shop and I started  working for a local sewing factory as a manager.
In 1999 factory owner decided to end production in Estonia. After serious 
thinking and negotiations I decided to buy all the equipment from the previous 
owner and start new company of my own. 
And you have found yourself on my company RUTIKS Ltd. website.

After yeas of experience, having factory full on machines, well trained and 
their job loving sewing-team, I am full of confidence to say: 
That you may become our next satisfied costumer!   

Rutt Ignahhin
owner & founder